Monday, 11 June 2012

Re-establish Remote Connection to Integrated Remote Console via iLO ports

my current production infrastructure is managed well, however let me list out one of the recent issues which  we faced during remote connection to blade server via iLO port using web browsers. We initially thought of browser issue. We tried sorting this issue using internet explorer v9, google chrome, firefox, safari and opera and in most cases minimum problems were noted using IE ver6.

"Integrated Remote Console is unavailable, it is already in use by a different client" - This message pops-up when a remote session is already open from one of the bays.
Blade Server Chassis- BladeSystem c7000 series Enclosure. status – blue blink indicating the server on bay 2 is in use

Click device bays and check the UID for description 'Blink'; in real-time blinks with blue LED.
Click the iLO (integrated Lights Output) IP address associated to server.
select Diagnostics
and finally click Reset will reset the counter to 0 and wait for a fresh remote connection request.