Friday, 30 December 2016

Slipstreaming Patches into SharePoint 2013

Slipstreaming Patches into SharePoint 2013

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Now that the latest CU is out we have a patch to play with. And this isn’t a normal patch. This patch is important. It will have to be installed in order to install any future patches. You should consider this the base version of SharePoint 2013, especially for new farms. One of the first things I wanted to test was slipstreaming the patch. The news was good, it’s the same process we used with SharePoint 2010. Just extract the update files into the Updates directory before you install SharePoint 2013. Nothing to it.
Let’s see how it looked when I did it. Here is what my directory structure looked like:

I copied the files from the SharePoint 2013 ISO into a folder in C:\Install. On a production system you would put this on a non C drive. After I copied the files over I peeked into the updates folder to see what’s in there. This is what I found:

That sounds delightful, let’s drop a patch in there and see what happens.
Extracting SharePoint 2013 patches follows the same process as SharePoint 2010, which you can find outlined in this brilliant blog post. Those are the instructions I used when writing this blog post. First I verified the March 2013 PU supported this.

Looks like it does. Let’s go ahead and extract it to our updates folder. After we accept the license terms our updates folder gets full of patch files.
Then install SharePoint 2013 the same way you normally would.

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