Wednesday, 3 October 2012

TSIS unveils journal on the eve of Gandhi Jayanthi celebrations

TSIS had a wonderful and auspicious curtain raiser to bestow honours to the 'Little Scholars' and 'Teachers' on the eve of Gandhi Jayanthi celebrations. In tandem the multi-colored skit trickled down reminiscence of MK Gandhi's childhood to the Quit India movement before concluding with National Anthem.

Indian Embassy First Secretary Shri. P. S. Sasi Kumar unveiled the monthly journal 'In Touch'. Mr. Anand Victor, Principal of TSIS who addressed the parents is the first scholar of its kind who brings in structural changes to the students at TSIS. The Chief Guests, Board of Directors, Investors, and Parents amassed at TSIS premises applauded the outstanding event.

Download the first e-journal copy by clicking 'In Touch' image. Comments and feedbacks will be taken into consideration.