Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Windows 7 starts with a temporary profile

i'm posting the below nature of concern which we commonly noticed in our environment and was quite frustrating.
This can happen if an admin deletes the domain user profile (say xyz) from c:\users\xyz and thereafter  the same deleted user (xyz) logins to the system.

Note that if a user is logged in with a temporary  profile means that any changes he/she makes  while the user is logged in will be saved temporarily under c:\users\temp folder which also means that when the user logs off from the system the saved changes will be deleted automatically. So, unless the actual issue is resolved this vanishing pattern would remain same.

simple remediation:
ask the user to logoff again.
go to registry .. take a backup of registry values as a best practice before any modification.
select the user profile HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList  and delete the duplicate profile list as highlighted in the picture. (In one of the duplicated profilelist you can see the ProfilImagePath value set to c:\users\Temp. So, delete the profilelists related to the temp and user (in our case xyz user) profile  with extention .bak under ProfileList). 

problem should be resolved.